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  • Ciné-Anthropology, coedited by Seiji Murao and Masatoshi Kubo (Serica Shobo, 2014) UTokyo BiblioPlaza
  • The Adventure of Cinematographic Thought, ed. (Sekaishisosha, 2006) Publisher's page
  • Reminiscence and repetition: cultural genesis in contemporary Mapuche society (PhD thesis, The University of Tokyo, 1995)  Contents

Writings List

Articles and book chapters
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Other publications and oral presentations (selected)

  1. "Rethinking Japanese 'Culture': Anxiety, Identity, and Becoming-Other," East Asian Lunch Seminar, University of Oslo, 16 May 2019. (announcement page)
  2. "Anthropology of Images, between Flashbacks and Flash-forwards," Seminar at the Department of Social Anthropology (Departmental Seminar), University of Oslo, 15 May 2019. (announcement page)
  3. "Academic journal as a living being: thoughts from the editorial board of Japanese Journal of Cultural Anthropology," 2019 Waseda Society of Cultural Anthropology symposium, "Reimagining the community of cultural anthropologists from the editorial boards of academic journals", 12 January 2019. (早稲田文化人類学会シンポジウム「学会誌の編集から文化人類学コミュニティを再想像する」、早稲田大学戸山キャンパス)
  4. "Affects and Psychoanalysis of Nature," paper read at the ILCAA workshop with Prof. Vincent Crapanzano, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, 14 Oct 2018.
  5. "Comments" (on the imaginary and anthropology), read at the ILCAA International Symposium with Prof. Vincent Crapanzano "Coping with Vertiginous Realities"  Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, 6 Oct 2018.(transcription PDF booklet:pp. 38-42)
  6. "Comments" (about fabricae afectuum), TUFS-ILCAA Symposium "Emotions and Intellect" at Hokkaido University, 25 March 2018.
  7. "On the images of 'uncontrolledness' in post-disaster Fukushima," paper read at SEAA (Society for East Asian Anthropology) Hong Kong Conference 2016, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 19-22 June 2016.
  8. "Praise of Savagery: Toward a ciné-anthropology of the minute," at The 2nd International Deleuze Studies in Asia Conference (Osaka University, 6-8 June 2014), Plenary "Deleuze and Anthropology". 
  9. "Filming Science, Filming the Invisible," at IUAES (International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences), 2014 Conference in Tokyo.
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